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the promenade apartments baltimore MD
the promenade apartments baltimore MD
Staying Dry in Baltimore this January

Staying Dry in Baltimore this January

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The new year has finally arrived, and with it comes a fresh start for so many people all over the world. Some people like to build up their healthy habits by engaging in a month-long absence from alcohol called Dry January. Some benefits that people have had include better sleep and weight loss.

MocktailsIf doing a Dry January seems difficult because you enjoy going out, then don’t worry! We’ve curated a list of all the best places to get mocktails in Baltimore, so you can still hang out with friends and have fun.

Our first spot on the list is Gunther & Co in Canton, where you can choose from a selection of unique mocktails, such as PEAR-Tect Your Neck with Pear-Elderflower Shrub and the Rose of Althea with Hibiscus Shrub. They also have a handful of non-alcoholic beers.

Prima Dopo in Fells Point is another great bar and restaurant to visit! They have three mocktails to choose from with your brunches. These include their Le Moxie with strawberry puree and lemon, and their My Cousin Dill with cucumber puree and lemon.

If you love mid-atlantic food, then you should grab some to pair with a mocktail at Bluebird in Hampden. They get all their ingredients from local farms and distillers, so drinks like their zero-proof Old Fashioned and Maltese Falcon are bound to be all the more delicious. Try and visit on a day they have live music!

If you want to travel to a beer garden, then Fadensonnen in Remington has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy. Enjoy the open-air courtyard and the St. Agrestis Phony Negroni. Check out some of the events that take place here too, like their trivia nights!

Over in Fells Point, you’ll find Duck Duck Goose. Dine in for brunch or dinner and try mocktails like Matcha Moi, Seasonal Lemonade, and zero proof sangria.

Ouzo Bay in Harbor East has two mocktails for you to try with their Mediterranean dishes and seafood from around the world. They serve Arrow of Love with grapefruit, ginger, and rose, and Narcissus with pomegranate, hibiscus, and honey.

If you’re headed to Highlandtown, then check out what’s available at Sally O’s! They have some delectable meals which are paired greatly with their Fools Gold and Sun Tropics mocktails. Feel free to also check out their merchandise!

For a whole selection of non-alcoholic beverages, check out Hopscotch Bottle Shop! This is Maryland’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop, where they sell non-alcoholic drinks like Prima Pave Blanc de Blancs, which tastes just like sparkling wine! These are perfect for nights where you stay inside during this cold weather.

Whether or not you wish to join in on Dry January, we hope that you can enjoy some great mocktail options in the area!

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