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Celebrating Preakness in Baltimore

Preakness has been around in Baltimore since 1870, with the opening of the Historic Pimlico Race Course. This course has survived through a hiatus, a 1910 anti-gambling movement, and the great depression, standing today as the first track to have an electric starting gate in the country. This race is most famous for being the…

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U.S. of Yay! Celebrating 4th of July in Baltimore

Maryland is Sipping on Liber-Tea In case you didn’t know, Maryland is infamous for turning the tide during the Revolutionary War. That’s right, Maryland, or “The Maryland Line,” kept British troops at bay. Also, Maryland was a massive supplier of military goods and resources and a spy on British merchant ships from Fell’s Point! After…

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It’s Resident Appreciation Day at The Promenade

Thank you, Promenade residents, for all that you do! To celebrate you, we’re hosting a “RAD” (Resident Appreciation Day) on Thursday, June 22nd.  We Value You Our passion lies in all of you. We wouldn’t be The Promenade without you, so thank you for creating a wonderful community and environment—we appreciate you.  Let’s Make it…

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